global innovation hub

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We provide startup exposure to corporates partners, customers, government, academia and investors. Startups that are using the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence at the core of their innovation are invited to join our community and present in our events. Startup joining our Global Innovation Hub receive mentorship from experts in the field and access to funding through our extensive network of corporate  ventures, venture capital firms and angel investors.


A focal point for local and global corporates and investors seeking partnerships and investments in disruptive startups. The hub is a knowledge and collaboration centre for startups with global ambitions using AI and IoT technologies. We provide connections, funding, knowledge and mentoring.

Our mentors have a broad skill sets and having decades of experience leading companies in Australia and overseas are passionate about helping startups succeed. The support includes one on one as as well as our monthly advisory roundtable were we get all the startups and advisors together to share experiences and knowledge. 

Startups are welcome to physically join us at Stone and Chalk and benefit from all the services provided by Stone and Chalk and the Sydney Startup Hub at Wynyard.

Interested in becoming a mentor or joining the hub?