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8200 Impact is the first acceleration program in Israel for social technology (social impact) ventures, founded by the 8200 Alumni Association. The program was launched in order to harness the human capital of 8200 alumni for the benefit of the whole society. Website


Renew Senses enables people who are blind to “see” through sound, giving them a new form of independence.
combining our ip-protected sensory substitution algorithms with computer vision in a wearable device, we create a new sensory experience for users through soundscapes, which have been shown to activate the visual cortex.

Skelable - stroke patients often lose their ability to lead productive, independent lives. occupational therapy and physiotherapy are crucial to returning independent functioning, but ideally require 5-10 times more therapy than standard treatment, due to high costs. skelable aims to close this gap. skelable is developing an affordable wearable robot for stroke patients, which automates rehabilitation procedures while empowering patients to independently perform activities of daily living. skelable also allows therapists to treat patients remotely, as if they were in the same place. the unprecedented Big data acquired in the process enables skelable to sell services that assist therapists in treating many more patients simultaneously.

Clanz - 20% of the global population is unable to carry out simple daily activities without the assistance of a caregiver. this mainly includes the elderly, babies, and people with special needs. clanz is a revolutionary sound-only artificial intelligence system that is being developed to protect these individuals and to set a new standard in the nursing industry. our system monitors the audio in the caregiving environment using an innovative voice analysis technology and generates alerts in real time when improper care is suspected. unlike other solutions available on the market, which are video- based, clanz’s system is suitable for use in private environments such as bathrooms, minimizes invasion of privacy, and can detect mental (and not only physical) abuse.

Resymmetry - The wheelchair, invented in the 1930s, has remained essentially unchanged until now. Resymmetry is developing a pioneering smart robotic wheelchair that introduces controlled movement of parts. the solution drastically reduces the risk of severe secondary medical conditions and discomfort resulting from prolonged motionless sitting, to support the health and enhance the wellbeing of wheelchair users. embedded sensors will monitor and track short and long term changes, and a learning system (ai) will recommend optimal, individually-tailored postural shifts. Resymmetry’s technology can be implemented in additional products serving the wellness market.

Effectivate is changing common computerized-brain-training to make it more effective, innovative and tailored to the needs of the growing elderly market. Effectivate is setting a new standard, by integrating artificial intelligence with scientific and clinical knowledge to optimize training, giving active older adults a tool to train and strengthen memory. we aim to support the wellness and quality of life of this population. our next goal will be using the platform and ai foundation to give physicians and clinicians alerts regarding cognitive decline or other abnormalities in their patients, based on monitoring over time.

Skillset was established to promote equal job opportunities for people with disabilities.
Years of practice in the field of vocational rehabilitation led us to develop a unique online platform capable of predicting the work skills of people with disabilities in relation to a given position. skillset identifies the work environment and job demands and creates applicable and accessible simulations that examine the actual skills needed to perform the required work.

the platform is taking into consideration the requirements of the environment and the person’s unique accessibility needs.

Nine plus life is a unique ai platform providing women during pregnancy and after birth with holistic professional guidance and personal support 24/7. Nine plus life has developed an advanced algorithm based on proprietary ai technology, which learns and analyzes the user’s behavior patterns through correspondence with a doula. The technology helps the doula understand the woman’s needs in the most optimal way so that the caregiver can give her the best, personalized guidance and quickly identify unusual patterns of behavior that may signal the need for an immediate professional response.

Iluria is a digital health company focused on the adhd clinical segment. we aim to fundamentally enhance the existing trial and error- based treatment currently administered to adhd patients by offering a comprehensive ml based solution, which provides continuous and passive monitoring, using biomarker data (smart wearable agnostic) and ai analysis.


Radgreen - our goal is to make our buildings and cities healthier, through affordable local measurements and control indoor and outdoor urban environment. Radgreen’s cloud solution detects, monitors and provides alerts regarding environmental hazards like air pollution, noise, and radiation, improving overall employee health.  Radgreen enables buildings, smart cities and other organizations to deploy sensors, collect environmental information, analyze it, and receive alerts. we improve hvac system efficiency, communications, productivity, and employee and customer retention. we aim to control indoor and outdoor urban environments to improve public and employee health.

Mensomentis has developed an innovative, in-clinic virtual reality (vr) platform designed to help people with mental difficulties readjust to daily functions as part of the rehabilitation process. our vresilience platform manages immersive environments, which are practiced within a therapeutic setting. The environments enable users to practice tasks and activities of daily living (adl), including interpersonal interactions and stress- provoking situations.

aNeuStart our mission is to improve functioning in children with autism by enhancing nutrient delivery to the brain. autistic children have difficulty utilizing nutrients due to picky eating, digestive issues, deficiencies, and excesses. we can begin to address these imbalances immediately following the diagnosis of autism. early interventions have the highest impact and synergistically improve the efficacy of other therapies. Yet, each child is unique in terms of biology and symptoms. therefore, we are developing a non-invasive, innovative kit using urine biomarkers and a questionnaire to identify the impaired biological pathways to target. Our algorithm will then build a personalized nutrient-based intervention plan to set development back on track.

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17 JULY 2019